Located Unidentified Shipwreck


In the spring of 1960, the freighter ALEXANDROS struck the southern coast of Cape Poseidi, also known as the Kassandra headland, due to poor visibility. It had started plying the Greek seas at the beginning of the century, not very far from where it came to grief. But having survived both World Wars and...

The Views of the S.S. Volos

Lefteris Reef in Greece has become the graveyard for many ships over millennia, but few can have as intriguing a backstory as the Volos, says ROSS J. ROBERTSON, who writes in collaboration with Dimitri Evangelopoulos, Dimitri Galon and Paris Sofos. So what exactly did Hans Hass find when he filmed the wreck in 1942?…

The torpedo attack by PAPANIKOLIS in Alimia

The torpedo attack upon Papanikolis in Almnia
The ELVIRA VASELLI shipwreck was caused by a British aircraft attack on Alimnias Bay (Alimia island, in the Dodecanese) on July 28, 1943. It was built at the British shipyard C.H. Walker & Co. in 1912 under the name B.A.H.W. No.11. In 1917, it was sold and renamed the ALUMINE. In 1930, when it was acquired by Christos Vlasias, it became known as the ALUMINUM. In 1936, it was purchased by S.A. Italiana Lavori Edilie Marittimi (S.A.I.L.E.M.) and given its final name, the ELVIRA VASELLI. During WWII, the ship was commandeered by the Italian government and used as an auxiliary cargo vessel until it sank….