Work report

The Croquis

Kalamitsi wreck
Croquis (French): a rough draft, sketch or drawing, before any precise dimensions are taken, which helps to indicate each point of measurement and what feature it corresponds to. After a year of intensive research entailing countless hours in front of a computer, the time has come for yet another dive of the wreck at Kalamitsi*...


The shipwreck of the ATHANASIOS was caused by bad weather in the Sporades in 1968. It was built in Denmark in 1921 and christened the FRODE. It was sold two years later and named the JOHANNE MARGRETHA. In 1929, it was sold and renamed the LIDSØ. In 1933, it was resold and renamed the ASNÆS. In 1939, the ship was renamed once again as the JAPOS but sunk during WWII in Copenhagen. It was recovered after the liberation of Denmark and renamed the HASHLOSHA in 1950. In 1956, it became the EYAL. It was sold in 1959 and ended up in the Greek Seas under its final name, the ATHANASIOS….