Map of coastal wrekcs in Greece

Recenlty, a great number of wrecks have became touristic attractions. Nevertheless, recreational diving in many cases is not allowed when a wreck lies on the bottom of a port, military practice areas and nearby army force’s settlements, environmentally protected designated or declared underwater archaeological sites.

Despite those restrictions, there is the option of visiting many wrecks washed up or within close distance to the shore, without the need of scuba diving.

The digital maps of coastal wrecks in Greece resulted on the chance of reaching a coastal wreck during a hiking tour of Zoe Dimou at Skyros island. With an exploratory mood and keen interest on cartography, she took over in the context of her thesis (as a graduate student at the Department of Surveying Engineering and Geoinformatics, School of Engineering, University of West Attica) the “Mapping and Development of Spatial Data Base for the Accessible from Land Wrecks”, under the supervision and guidance of Dimos Pantazis, Kimon Papadimitriou and Michael Gianniou.

A result of this work is the list of positions and characteristics for the following 40 wreck, which are now included in the Map of Indicative Wreck Sites:

num Ship Name Ship Type Area
1 Unknown [transfer of refugees] Tripiti, Gavdos
2 Unknown Unknown Gavdos
3 Unknown Unknown St. Pavlos, Gavdos
4 Unknown [transfer of refugees] St. Antonios, Crete
5 Gemar 1 cargo ship Karpathos
6 Dimitrios P. cargo ship Gramvousa, Crete
7 Unknown Unknown Antikithira
8 Unknown Unknown Diakofti, Kithira
9 Nordland cargo ship Prassonisi, Kithira
10 Kaptan Ismail Hakki cargo ship Bay of St. Marina, Cavo Malia
11 Pantcho barge Analipsi, Astipalea
12 Unknown Unknown Schiza bay
13 Unknown tanker Sarakiniko, Milos
14 Dimitrios cargo ship Valtaki, Githio
15 Olympia cargo ship Kaloritissa, Amorgos
16 Unknown transporter F131 Marmari, Kos
17 Ramona cargo ship Divari, Gialova
18 Anouar Unknown Vourlia, Proti island
19 Orion destroyer Kedros, Donousa
20 Unknown Unknown Katakolo, Peloponnese
21 Unknown Unknown Port of New Epidavros
22 Panagiotis cargo ship St. Giorgis, Zakynthos
23 Elina cargo ship Vori, Andros
24 Unknown Unknown Isthmia
25 Melody passenger ship Atalanti island
26 Unknown cargo ship Potami, Evia
27 Mediterranean Sky cruising ship Elefsina
28 Poseidon cargo ship Nidri, Lefkada
29 Themistocles Unknown Drepano, Lefkada
30 Eleni II Unknown Drepano, Lefkada
31 Unknown [transfer of refugees] Agalipa, Skyros
32 Urania K. cargo ship St. Thomas, Preveza
33 Kali Tichi cargo ship St. Kiriaki, Trikeri
34 Alonnisos cargo ship Peristera, Alonnisos
35 Unknown [transfer of refugees] St. Gordios, Kerkyra
36 Unknown Unknown port of Kerkira
37 Roksolana Unknown Fako, Limnos
38 Liana M. dredger Epanomi, Thessaloniki
39 Unknown Unknown port of Keramoti
40 Unknown Unknown Aspri Ammos, Kavala

Zoi Dimou born on 20/04/1994 at Athens. She have studied Surveying Engineering and Geoinformatics at TEI of Athend and got the first CMAS star in 2021. She has also followed studies of handmade jewelry.

Author: Ομάδα Εναλίων Αποτυπώσεων

Η Ομάδα Εναλίων Αποτυπώσεων (ΟΕΑ) του Εργαστηρίου Τοπογραφίας, στο Τμήμα Αγρονόμων και Τοπογράφων Μηχανικών, συνεργάζεται με τα μέλη της καταδυτικής κοινότητας για την αναζήτηση, την τεκμηρίωση, την μελέτη και την ανάδειξη των ιδιαιτεροτήτων του θαλασσίου περιβάλλοντος, αναλαμβάνοντας συγχρόνως την σχετική ενημέρωση και ευαισθητοποίηση του κοινού. Μέσω εξειδικευμένων προγραμμάτων εκπαίδευσης και ενάλιων δραστηριοτήτων που συντονίζουν ή συμμετέχουν τα μέλη της ΟΕΑ επιδιώκεται η ασφαλής και υπεύθυνη προσέγγιση στα βυθισμένα τεκμήρια της φυσικής και πολιτιστικής μας κληρονομιάς.