Was machen wir

Underwater Surveying Team (UST) collaborates with members of the diving community for the research, the documentation, the study and the promotion of maritime particularities, whilst taking over information and awareness of public.  The specialized training courses and underwater activities that UST members coordinate or participate are aiming to a safe and responsible approach of the underwater assets that relate with our natural and cultural heritage.

The Greek seas accommodate approximately 2000 wrecks of ships and airplanes (see http://www.emodnet-bathymetry.eu/). Our site displays the results of an ongoing project for the study of those wrecks. This attempt is based on the voluntary participation of divers and non-divers.

The aim of our project is the responsible engagement of public in the protection and promotion of underwater cultural heritage. Main objectives of this effort include:

  • visiting and diving at wreck sites;
  • collecting and archiving related data; and
  • studying and displaying the history of wrecks.

The results are expected to be used primary as documentation material for any member of the scuba community with a special interest in wreck-diving and secondary as potential reference for further research of the maritime history.